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sonny bal

B. SONNY BAL, MD, JD, MBA is an associate professor in Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Missouri School of Medicine in Columbia, Missouri. A hip and knee replacement specialist, Dr. Bal is a graduate of Cornell University Medical College, New York. He completed residency training at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and a fellowship training in joint replacement at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University, Boston. In addition to medical training, Dr. Bal completed his law degree from the University of Missouri, and a graduate business degree from Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. Dr. Bal is a member of the American Bar Association, and is admitted to the bar in Missouri.

His clinical interests include ceramic bearing surfaces in hip and knee replacements; his research is focused on tissue-engineered cartilage and bioactive glasses designed to regenerate bone. He is author or co-author in more than 90 peer-reviewed journal articles, ranging from biomaterials in total hip and knee replacements to medical-legal issues, and has contributed to several book chapters and academic symposia. Dr. Bal resides in Missouri with his wife, Dana, and four children.

eric carson

ERIC W. CARSON, MD, currently practices at University of Virginia. Dr. Carson is certified by Orthopaedic Surgery, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, through 2011. He trained at Harvard University in Boston MA, with sub-specialty training in sports medicine and shoulder surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NY. He has a particular interest in sports injuries and cartilage research. Besides the clinic, Dr. Carson also provides sports medicine coverage for UVA athletics and Charlottesville High School.

eric carson

ORRIN I. FRANKO, MD, is currently completing his orthopaedic surgery residency at University of California, San Diego since graduating from Harvard Medical School in 2009. Dr. Franko believes that technology is currently underutilized in medicine and has the potential to greatly improve the way physicians communicate, network, educate future surgeons, and treat patients. Specifically, Dr. Franko has an interest in researching and promoting the use of social media and mobile apps for smartphones and tablets within orthopaedic surgery. In addition to multiple publications in the field, Dr. Franko is the founder and creator of www.TopOrthoApps.com, a website dedicated to reviewing mobile apps for orthopaedic surgeons.

Dr. Franko is excited to join the OrthoMind team in a role that will encourage residents to learn, share, and communicate in novel ways using these new technologies. Dr. Franko has an interest in upper-extremity surgery and plans to complete a fellowship after his residency training.

jon hyman

JON HYMAN, MD is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine specialist, in Atlanta, Georgia (GA). His practice encompasses all aspects of sports medicine care, with emphasis on the knee, hip, elbow and shoulder arthroscopy. For several years, he served as a team physician for the Atlanta Hawks NBA, Atlanta Falcons NFL and Atlanta Thrashers NHL professional sports teams. He serves as Medical Director for the Emory Adventist Center for Hip Arthroscopy and is a member of the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy. He has collaborated on a variety of social media healthcare web 2.0 initiatives. Dr. Hyman graduated with honors from of Stanford University, Harvard Medical School, and the Hospital for Special Surgery / Cornell – where he completed his orthopaedic surgery residency and sports medicine fellowship.

deryk jones

DERYK JONES, MD, is the Section Head of Sports Medicine and Cartilage Restoration at Ochsner Health Systems and is Head team physician for the New Orleans Saints NFL team and team physician for the New Orleans Hornets NBA team. Dr. Jones received his Bachelor Degrees in Science and Philosophy from Emory University and then received a Doctorate of Medicine from Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Jones then went on to residency training at the Harvard Combined Orthopaedics Residency Program followed by subspecialty fellowship training in shoulder surgery and sports medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. Currently, Dr. Jones is a professor at Ochsner Clinical School and the University of Queensland, Australia. He also is the State representative for Louisiana in the Council of Delegates for the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine where he is involved in policy decisions concerning sports medicine at the national level. Dr. Jones subspecializes in sports medicine, cartilage regeneration and minimally invasive joint arthroplasty treating pathologic conditions of the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle.

Bryan kelly

BRYAN T. KELLY, MD is a specialist in sports medicine injuries and arthroscopic and open surgical management of non-arthritic disorders around the hip. He has a faculty appointment at Weill Cornell Medical College and medical staff appointments at Hospital for Special Surgery and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. He cares for several sports teams serving as the Associate Team Physician for the New York Giants, the New York Red Bull's MLS team, as well as the Team Consult for hip injuries for the New Jersey Nets and several collegiate teams in the tri-state region. Dr. Kelly currently serves as Co-Director for the Center for Hip Pain and Preservation

tom myers

TOM MYERS, MD, is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine expert and owns the Myers Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center (MSMOC) in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Myers has been a practicing physician since 1996. He graduated from medical school at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and completed his residency in orthopaedic surgery at Harvard Medical School. The Center's mission is to provide the best possible treatment and outcomes for orthopaedic conditions and injuries. Dr. Myers specializes in the knee & shoulder as well as sports medicine.

Randale C. Sechrest

RANDALE C. SECHREST, MD, is board certified in Orthopaedic Surgery and has practiced in Montana since 1987. Dr. Sechrest received his MD degree from Duke University in 1980 and completed an orthopaedic residency at the University of Virginia in 1987. He served as a general medical officer with the Indian Health Service from 1981-1983 in Browning, Montana. Dr. Sechrest also completed a Masters of Science in Health Care Ethics from Creighton University in 2011.

Dr. Sechrest has extensive experience in healthcare informatics and patient education. He is one of the founders of the OrthoGate Project - the first international orthopaedic-related web initiative that began in 1995. He is the CEO of Medical Multimedia Group, LLC, (MMG) a media company organized in 1992 that specializes in the development of communication tools for improving patient education and patient-provider communications using computer-based technologies. The flagship product of MMG is the patient communications web service available to health care providers and located at eOrthopod.com.

He has served as a consultant to many of the world's leading healthcare corporations including Johnson and Johnson, Stryker, WebMD and Medscape. He has been a frequent speaker and writer on topics addressing the role of the Internet in healthcare. Currently, Dr. Sechrest is a consultant involved in the enterprise deployment of the Epic EHR for Providence Health Systems, a large integrated health care organization located in the northwestern United States and Alaska.


BONNIE SIMPSON MASON, MD a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, served as the CFO of Grant Orthopaedic Bone and Joint Surgeons since 2001. In 2005, Dr. Mason founded and currently serves as the executive director of Nth Dimensions Educational Solutions, Inc., an educational non-profit organization, which develops and facilitates scholarship programs focused on increasing diversity in orthopaedic surgery, decreasing gender and health disparities, and promoting professional development of aspiring physicians. Nth Dimensions has awarded close to a half-million dollars in scholarships to date.

Dr. Mason’s experience as a practicing physician and physician administrator of a private practice led her to develop, in partnership with fellow physicians, a comprehensive business of medicine and practice management curriculum for physicians. Through her consulting enterprise, Dr. Mason delivers this live curriculum to future and practicing physicians with the assistance of experienced physician and expert faculty since 2007. In 2010, this essential curriculum has since been converted to digital, on-demand format at www.BeyondtheExamRoom.com, on which residents and fellows from across the country are now registered.

In addition, Dr. Mason spends numerous hours lecturing to medical students across the country giving orthopaedic surgery clinical lectures, career counseling, professional development and business of medicine lectures. Her other academic interests lie in medical education, specifically pertaining to musculoskeletal medicine curriculum development, revision and implementation and women in medicine. She has published numerous articles and book chapters. Dr. Mason’s personal mission is to teach, facilitate and empower students to reach their maximum potential in becoming medical professionals. This mission is fulfilled through teaching and mentoring students, residents, and young physicians alike. Since 2002, she has served as the national Chair of the “Share Your Umbrella” mentoring program, a committee of the J. Robert Gladden Orthopaedic Society in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Riley J Williams

RILEY J WILLIAMS, III, MD, is a specialist in the field of shoulder, knee and elbow surgery at Hospital for Special Surgery. Dr. Williams holds a dual appointment in both the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, as a full-time member of the Sports Medicine & Shoulder Service, and as a Clinician-Scientist in the Research Division. Dr. Williams attended college at Yale University and the Stanford University School of Medicine. His clinical and research interests include: cartilage repair and transplantation, arthroscopic shoulder repair (rotator cuff tears, labrum tears), arthroscopic shoulder stabilization, anterior cruciate and posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, and elbow ligament reconstruction. Dr. Williams is the Director of the Institute for Cartilage Repair at Hospital for Special Surgery. Dr. Williams currently serves as the Head Team Physician for the Nets professional basketball team, the New York Red Bulls professional soccer team, and the Iona College Department of Athletics. He has also served as Associate Team Physician for both the New York Mets professional baseball and New York Giants professional football teams.